Suggest a topic for the Operating Systems Basics

Hi everyone, and thanks for staying with Unix Tutorial for so long! I’ve been quietly upgrading the blog engine and components of the Unix Tutorial Members Area to get things ready for the long-awaited second module of the Introduction to Unix course.

If you’re have a topic which you think belongs to the Operating Systems Basics module, please leave a comment.

The purpose of the module is to give a very high level overview of how modern operating systems work and to also explain the importance of securely managing all the available resources (hence a few topics on files, users and privileges). Almost every single topic deserves a separate module, if not a course, on its own – but for the moment it will be really basic stuff.

Here’s the list of topics so far:

  • What OS is and why we need it
  • Features of a modern OS
  • Kernel and kernel modules
  • Features of Unix OS
  • MINDMAP:¬†Features and components of an OS
  • Everything is a file! Types of files in Unix
  • A typical filesystem tree of a Unix-like OS
  • Users, privileges and file ownership
  • Executing a binary file in Unix

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