neofetch in Debian Linux

neofetch on a physical server with Debian Linux

When it comes to reporting basic OS information in one terminal screen for easy screenshot, I’ve been using screenFetch most of the time. Turns out, it’s not the only software of this kind – and neofetch is a great alternative.

neofetch or screenFetch?

Notice how I didn’t say netofetch VS screenFetch!

Because mostly the choice between neofetch and screenFetch is a personal preference: both tools are quite capable and available on majority of popular operating systems.

Reasons to use neofetch

Compared to screenFetch, neofetch has a few really cool features:

  • Server hardware model reported
  • On desktop systems, the following is reported
    • Windows manager and sometimes even desktop theme
    • Screen resolution
  • Better reporting of IP addresses
  • Lots of configuration options

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